If You Have Root Canals, Mercury Fillings,
Or Suffer From Tooth Decay, Watch This:
If You Have Root Canals, Mercury Fillings, Or Suffer From Tooth Decay, Watch This:
These Poor Dentistry Practices Are Putting Your Life At Risk
Discover How To Reverse The Damage & Heal Your Teeth Naturally
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Did You Know These Shocking Facts About Root Canals,
Mercury Fillings And Conventional Dentistry?
 Root canals and mercury fillings are now widely recognised as being a leading cause of many chronic and/or degenerative issues. Root canals specifically being linked to heart disease, breast cancer, and other serious health conditions…
 Medical doctors, when examining patients with heart conditions, are now trained to look at the patient’s oral health by examining their teeth, gums, and hygiene, before anything else... that's how serious this is.
 An estimated 15 million to 25 million root canals are performed every year with more than 41,000 root canals performed each day.  It's a $30 BILLION annual industry.
If you have root canals, you could have a full blown infection right now and not even feel it. Because the very mechanism (your tooth’s nerve) for alerting your brain that there is something wrong in the body, has been removed. Root canal infections often do no show up on x-rays, easily going un-detected for years or decades while causing serious detriment to your health and well being.
 A root canal is the practice of removing the nerve out of a tooth, and cutting off the blood supply to the living tissue in the tooth(killing the tooth.) This creates a toxic anaerobic environment where toxic anaerobic bacteria can form in your mouth, leaving immune system powerless to help because there is no blood flow in the area.
 In 1845 the American Society of Dental Surgeons banned the use of mercury fillings because of the serious health concerns it posed. The American Dental Association (ADA) was born in 1899 specifically to promote the use of mercury in fillings and this controversial process continues to this day.
 Mercury is a deadly neurotoxin, millions of people still have them and some dentists continue to use them. Do you have mercury fillings? they continue to off-gas toxic material throughout their life which load in your body’s tissues including the brain.
 Fluoride is known to cause many adverse health effects, yet it's widely used in many products that dentists use on a daily basis.
 Current research has found 28 different types of bacteria found in root canal teeth associated with heart diseases, 23 bacteria associated with neurological disorders, others are related to liver function, kidney disorders, diabetes, meningitis, and cancer.
 Besides root canals, there are a host of other poor dentistry practices that could be silently ruining your health: Mercury Fillings, Bio Incompatibilities, X-Ray Overuse, Toxic Disinfectants, Implants.
How These Poor Practices Are Putting Your Life At Risk
If you have root canals...

Root canals set up the body for chronic degenerative disease as they are a constant source of deadly anaerobic bacteria which leech into your blood-stream, constantly sending your immune system into stress as it tries to find the source of the bacteria, powerless to do anything about it as the blood supply to your tooth has been cut off.

If you've been struggling with your health for a while, with fatigue, tiredness, aches and pains in your body... and nothing you do seems to help at all, if you have root canals, they are likely the root of the problem.

Root canals are a leading cause of breast cancer.   Headaches, migraines, heart disease, and arthritis can easily be caused by root canals.
If you have mercury fillings(Aka: Amalgams)

Mercury is a deadly neurotoxin, mercury(amalgam) fillings constantly give off mercury gas which you inhale directly causing the gas to come into your blood-supply.

If you have mercury fillings the most common initial symptom of exposure is fatigue, tiredness, foggy thing, inability to concentrate and focus.

Parkinson’s, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimers have all been linked to mercury.
If You Or A Loved One Are Silently Suffering From These Issues, Don't Wait Any Longer, Get Informed, And Take Action Now:
Every day with these issues in your mouth is another day with toxins leeching into your blood-stream from your mouth, so the sooner you take action, the sooner you'll feel better.

Get instant access to Truth About Dentistry to learn how to reverse the damage done in your mouth, heal your mouth naturally, reverse tooth decay and fix the common dental problems that are a leading cause of disease & cancers in the world today.
Here's Everything You'll Get Instant Access To:
Learn How To Safely Extract Your Root Canals or Mercury Fillings Using The Dr. Hal Huggins Protocol
If you have root canals or mercury fillings you must take them out, however, this must be done using the proper protocol, otherwise you are at risk of doing serious harm to your body.
WARNING:  Do not go to a clinic that does not use the Hal Huggins protocol, un-trained extraction of root canals or mercury fillings is not fun, and can lead to prolonged pain and infections.  You'll learn to avoid the mistakes my wife and I, and so many other people have made in the past.
 The 10 Things To Look For In A Holistic Dentist
Discover the difference between conventional and holistic dentistry and how to find a properly trained biologic dentist that will help you heal and support you in your recovery.
Safe Mercury Amalgam Alternatives
How to safely extract your mercury fillings using the Hal Huggins and replace them with a proper biocompatible material that your body will accept.
The Three Levels of Bio-compatibility for Fillings or Implants
If you are exploring the need for restorative materials(e.g. fillings or implants), you need to know about bio-compatibility.  There are three levels of bio-compatibility, learn about all types of materials and what is right for your body.
 How Your Body's Bio-Electrical System Connects Your Teeth To Your Vital Organs
Your teeth are alive, and each one of them is connected to your major organs through bio-electrical meridian line, like a negative pressure point in your body, a troubled tooth could be directly affecting your health more than you can imagine.
 How To Heal Tooth Decay Naturally
There are natural methods that work for keeping your teeth healthy and even reversing tooth decay without having to go to the dentist to have your teeth drilled.
How To Build a Nutrition Plan to Remineralise Your Teeth
Your teeth are alive... Strong and healthy teeth don't come from brushing your teeth, they start in your kitchen with proper nutrition.

You'll get an entire nutrition plan spelled out A to Z based on the ground breaking research of Weston A. Price, DDS, considered by many to be the father of modern day holistic dentistry that is proven to create strong healthy teeth.

Dr. Hal Huggins was the leading biologic dentist of our era and wrote numerous books warning dentists of the dangers of mercury fillings and root canals, he created the safest holistic procedures for root canal and mercury amalgam extractions still used by the top clinics world-wide today.

Your teeth are alive, each one of them are connected to one of your major organs through a bio-electric current connected running through your nervous system.

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